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English Name :- ALMOND

Botanical Name :- Prunus amygdalus Batsch

Family :- ROSACEAE

Parts - Used:- Seeds

Habit :- A medium sized tree; Leaves in clusters at the end of branches, linear and undulate. Flowers white with red spots. Seeds flat and ovate.

Taste :- Sweet.

Chemical Constituents :- Sweet Almond Contains Oil. Bitter Almond Contains a poisonous element-Hydrochloric acid, it is found in volatile oil of almond.

  • They protect artery wall from damage.
  • They help build strong bones and teeth because of the presence of phosphorous.
  • They provide healthy fat and increase weight.
  • They lower the rise in blood sugar.
  • They help provide good brain functions. They are best for brain health.
  • They nourish the nervous system and increase intellectual level and longevity.
  • They alkalize the body and help improve immune functions.
  • They prevent constipation.
  • They improve skin health and complexion.
  • They protect against diabetes and colon cancer.
  • They are good during pregnancy and boosts energy.
  • They maintain healthy and shining hair.
  • They remove respiratory disorder and impotency.
  • They reduce heart attacks risks.
  • They lower bad cholesterol.
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