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Carum Copticum

English Name :- Carum Copticum

Botanical Name :- Carum copticum


Parts - Used:- Leaves and fruits

Habit :- Annual aromatic herb, 1-3 feet high, pinnatetype dissected leaves, Flowers white and in umbels

Taste :- Acrid pungent

Chemical Constituents :- Plant contains: Volatile oil which contains: Thymol, Stearoptin Cymom, Terpene.


Diarrhoea, Indigestion Abdominal pain, Flatulence, Cholera, Rheumatism, Heart disease, Spleeno-megally, Spermmatorrheal and gives colic relief.

  • It is an extraordinary stomach tonic and it aids digestion.
  • It promotes kidney functions and energizes the nerves.
  • It strengthens metabolism and circulation.
  • It is considered to be a powerful detoxifying agent.
  • It has high contents of calcium and iron which are highly important for physical health.
  • It is effective in killing the worms of the body.
  • It increases sexual feeling and virility.
  • It is a powerful decongestant for both the digestive and respiratory tract.
  • It dissolves and discharges gall bladder and urinary stone and grave.
  • It promotes kidney function and reduces gases of intestine.
  • It is an excellent heart tonic and pain killer and highly useful in the treatment of liver and spleen.
  • The tea of this herb helps cure paralyses and shaking.
  • This herb is useful in treating weakness of limbs.
  • It is useful in relieving flatulence, dyspepsia, dry cough and spasmodic disorders.
  • It is a good anti acidic agent.
  • It can be used in both hot and cold climates.
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