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Centella asiatica

English Name :- Centella asiatica

Botanical Name :- Centella asiatica.


Parts - Used:- Whole leaves, plant and seeds

Habit :- A small creeping herb with slender reddish stem rootin at nodes, leaves orbicular kidney shaped, margin crenate with long petiole, Flowers pink in fascicled umbels. 

Taste :- Bitter.

Chemical Constituents :- Plant contains Alkaloids, Brahmin, Herpestin and Bascosides A&B in bacoside-A Arabnosilglucose, Arabnose, Becognenine, Betulic acid, D-Manitol, Stigmasterol, Beta- sitosterol and Tannins, Green leaves contains: Glucosides, Volatile oil, Dry parts contains Centoic acid and Centalic acid. Whole plant also contains Pectic acid, Valerin, Resin and ascorbic acid.

  • Skin diseases, Disease of nerve disorder, Improvement of memory, Leprosy,Tuberculosis, Anaemia, Cough, Fever, Asthma, Increases blood protein and RBC, Respiratory stimulant, Hepatoprotective, Hypotensive and wound healer.
  • Skin:- This herb is very effective in skin diseases as it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Its use is recommended in open sores and chronic wounds.
  • Nervous system:- This herb boosts memory and grasping power. It is used as brain tonic. Its benefits in conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, Anxiety and depression are also appreciated.
  • Digestive system:- It increases body fire and agni. Hence its preparations are used in indigestion, loss of appetite, conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and amoebiasis.
  • Circulatory system:- This herb effectively helps reduce increased blood pressure and edema caused by increasedblood pressure. It normalizes vitiation of blood.
  • Respiratory system:- The accumulated bronchial secretions or kapha gets easily expectorated when this herb is used in respiratory conditions like bronchitis and asthma.It is very useful in inflammation of vocal chords.
  • Urinary system:- The herb reduces frequency of urination. It helps in diabetes also.
  • Rejuvenation:-It slows down aging process. It helps to rejuvenate body tissues and boosts body immunity. It purifies and increases milk secretion in breast feeding mothers.
  • The herb also acts as an antipyretic. It helps reduce fever and normalize body pressure.
  • This herb may cause headache, rashes and giddiness when used in excess.
A word of caution
 This herb may cause headache, rashes and giddiness when used in excess.

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