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Ferula Foetida Regd Syn

English Name :- Ferula Foetida Regd Syn

Botanical Name :- Ferula foetida.


Parts - Used:- Gum-Resin

Habit :- A small shrubby tree 5-9 feet high, leaves hairy, ovate, decurrent, multfid, 1-2 feet long, flowers in terminal umbel of yellow colour.

Taste :- Bitter-Acrid

Chemical Constituents :- Resin- Gum contains: Volatile oil which contains: Terpenes, Disulphide; Resin which contains: Asaresinotannol, Asaresinol ferulic acid ester, Free ferulic acid, Gum.  


Colic, Cholera, Malarial fever, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Nervous disorder of Hysteria, Cough, Flatulance, Anthelmintic (Round worms) Nervine stimulant.

  • It is chiefly a spice used in food, pickles and many other things.
  • It is used to flavor curries, cereals and meat balls.
  • It helps expel gas from stomach and counteracts any spasmodic disorder.
  • It is a nerve stimulant, digestive agent and a sedative.
  • It cures irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • It treats whooping cough and hoarse throat.
  • It is used to remove physical fatigue and mental depression.
  • It is used to restart menstrual periods after they have stopped for some reasons.
  • It is very useful in stomach ache and prevents insect bites.
  • It is a good repellent and repels insects, gnats, mosquitoes and even dogs, cats and wildlife.
  • It cures urine problems.
  • It cures high blood level and can thin the blood.
  • It is effective to remove round worms.
  • It is used to make digestive powder such as: ‘Hingoastic Churan’ which is a panacea for all stomach ailments.
A word of caution
Its odor is too strong that it should be kept in tight containers otherwise its aroma will contaminate the other species stored nearby.

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