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English Name :- Lyrisp

Botanical Name :- Coleus aromaticus

Family :- LABIATAE

Parts - Used:- Roots and Tender twigs

Habit :- A small perennial hairy herb about 1-3 feet high with thick and fleshy leaves, aromatic flowers light purple

Taste :- Bitter

Chemical Constituents :- Leaves Contains: Diterpene, Methylene-quinone, Couleon, Cyclobita tucin, Roots contains: Naphtho pyrone (Rocetin) and Dialdehyd, A volatile oil carvacrol is also found


Cardiovascular ailment, Heart troubles, Lowering blood pressure, Lymphcaytic leukemia; Extract of aerial parts: is spasmolytic, Extarct of roots: Hypotensive. Leaves: Useful in polyuria, Thirst, flatulence, colic, Asthma, chronic cough, Epilepsy & urinary troubles.

  • The juice of the leaves of this herb is beneficial to children in treating cold and related ailments.
  • The leaves are crushed and boiled in water and its steam is inhaled for nasal congestion.
  • The anti microbial activity of this herb helps to treat reproductive tract infections. (RTI) like bacterial vaginosis among women.
  • It inhibits the growth the several bacteria strains.
  • The decoction of its leaves is advised for treating bronchial asthma and cough.
  • The fresh juice of its leaves is beneficial for those suffering from arthritis and stomach disorders like flatulence.
  • It acts as a carminative for children.
  • It can tacklewith certain skin disorders like dandruff and allergies.
  • This herb is a useful medical herb that a can help treat ailments in a natural way.
  • It brings the blood pressure down and prevents heart from cancer and other diseases.
  • This herb being diuretic removes contraction in urinary tract.
  • Its leaves paste when smeared externally on the head removes headache.
  • It is highly beneficial in digestive ailments and stomach ache.
A word of caution

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