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English Name :- Turmeric

Botanical Name :- Curcuma domestica


Parts - Used:- Rhizome

Habit :- Tall herb about 2-3 feet high with fleshy rhizomes of yellow-orange color inside.

Taste :- Slightly bitter

Chemical Constituents :- Rhizome Contains: Active curcumin compound, Essential oils- Termericoil and Terpenoids, A volatile oil: It contains curcumen (Terpene) Starch, Albuminoids; Curmene is helpful in dissolving the cholesterol.


Cold, Cough, Skin disease, Abdominal worms, Diabetes, Scabies, Leucoderma, Polyuria, Ulcer, Swellingsm Anaemia, Indigestion, Jaundice, Conjectivities, Blood purifier, Liver tonic, Promote complexion.

  • It helps promote healthy skin, removes skin diseases and promotes complexion.
  • It supports overall eye health.
  • It supports immune system.
  • It aids skeletal system and joint health.
  • It encourages the liver functions and cures anemia.
  • It regulates digestive system and kills intestinal worms.
  • It purifies blood and improves circulatory system.
  • It helps maintain normal cholesterol level and supports cardiovascular system.
  • It removes stress and regulates neurological system’s health.
  • It promotes a healthy female reproductive system.
  • It being anti-inflammatory relieves the pain caused by inflammation.
  • Hot milk mixed with turmeric powder is useful in cough and cold.
  • Its powder mixed with amla juice and honey is beneficial in curing leucoderma.
  • It is beneficial in curing fever when taken mixed with curd.
  • It is highly antiseptic and cures ulcers and removes the pain caused by swelling.
  • It is widely used in creams and face powders.
A word of caution

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