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Pain Relief Oil

Product : Pain Relief Oil
Pack Size : 50.00 ml
Ingredients : Baswellia Serrata, Celastrus Paniculata, Zingilar Officinale, Vitex Negundo, Gaultheria, Fragrantissima, Azadirachta Indica, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Commiphora Mukul, Sesamum Indicum Oil.
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Pain Relief  Oil



In a stressful and busy life, no one has enough time for physical exercise and other activities which help to get fit and healthy body. Due to stress, everyone suffers from many aches and pricks which are not tolerable sometimes.To get rid of these pains Deewal manufacturer’s Herbal Pain Relief oil. This seems to be a miracle in all types of arthritis and cramp in our body. It easily absorbs in the dermal layer of the skin and works on all nerves cells of all joints.

Ayurvedic ingredients of this liquid help in providing overall wellness to our body and gives the long lasting relax from several types of aches. Natural Pain Relief Oil has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of many herbal extracts that help in rejuvenating your body.


Herbal Ingredients of Pain Relief Oil


Deewal’s pain relief oil contains many herbal and ayurvedic extracts of natural plants including Boswellia Serrata, CelastrusPaniculata, Zingilar Officinale, Vitex Negundo, Gaultheria, Fragrantissima, Azadirachta Indica, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Commiphora Mukul and Sesamum Indicum Oil.  All greases help in nourishing and getting relax from joint pains, muscles pain and several other types of pricks and aches.


Health Benefits of Pain Relief Oil:-


  • It is very useful in joint pain, muscles ache, back pain, and body pain.
  • Natural Pain relief oil reduces inflammation and myalgia (muscular ache).
  • This is known as an effective supplement for lumbago and sciatica aches.
  • It prevents from palliation and gives the mental hygiene.
  • Sesamum Indicum Oil helps in boosting the blood circulation in the whole body that gives purified blood and relaxes.
  • Natural pain relief oil helps in extracting harmful toxins from our joints and relieves pain.
  • It provides the strength to all joints in our body.


It reduces bone damage and osteoclasts. It provides quick relief from all aches and is made by using 100% natural and chemical free extracts and oil that have no any adverse effects. It is good aid for skin and for all joints.


Natural Pain Relief Oil


Chemical Free Pain Relief Oil


Herbal Pain Relief Oil

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