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Product : Kimmadhu
Pack Size : 120.00 gm
Ingredients : Gurmar, Jamun Guthali, Aam Guthali, Bel-Patr, Neem Leaves, Karela, Giloy, Amla, Shilajeet, Sadabahar.
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Kimmadhu – Beneficial in Diabetes



In today’s modern & stressful life, no one has time to care for his/her health.To get good health, more attention must be paid to diet and exercise. But Due to lack of time and improper diet people face several health issues. At least 3 persons out of 10 are affected from diabetes according to a survey. Diabetes is of two types -  Type A and Type B. More than 95% of diabetic patients are affected with type B.In type B, unused glucose and the insulin affects all the organs of the body like heart, eyes, skin, kidneys, nervous system that can collapse the total immunity system.  But no need to worry about it because type B diabetes is curable. To treat the type B diabetes Deewal’s Natural Kimmadhu seems to be a miracle. By using kimmadhu, patients feel relax and relief from unwanted production of glucose in the body.


In Type B diabetes membrane of the cell becomes hard and glucose can’t enter in the cell. But Herbal Kimmadhu helps in providing softness to the membrane of cell which imbibes all the glucose from the blood in whole body. The insulin present in the blood made by pancreas cooperates with cell membrane for smooth blood flow.


Herbal Ingredients of Natural Kimmadhu:-


Deewal’s Kimmadhu contains Ayurvedic and herbal extracts including Gurmar, AamGuthali, JamunGuthali, Neem Leaves, Bel-Patr, Karela, Amla, Shilajeet, Giloy and Sadabahar that helps in controlling the level of sugar.


Benefits of Natural Kimmadhu:-


  • In this powder, sheelajeet is used which gives the strength to the body.
  • It helps in controlling weight of the body.
  • Natural Kimmadhu is rich in Omega3 and Omega6 that helps to soften the cell membrane.
  • It helps in regulating the pressure of blood.
  • Jamun Guthali and neem leaves can reduce and slow the process of diabetes.


One of the most important key roles of Herbal Kimmadhu is to maintain complete health and well-being. Good control on sugar level and glucose level of Kimmadhu that is a 100% natural supplement that gives extra years of healthy and active life to a person.


Natural Kimmadhu


Herbal Kimmadhu

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